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When I started The Manchester Social Club, I wanted it to evolve into more than just a band. A band, a studio, and a label for all types of art. This fall the doors opened and we started recording our first artist and it has been amazing. Three years in the making, its branching out and I couldn't be more stoked with the sessions. Cheers to Owen Bacskai for being #1 and trusting me to see your vision and get it on record. Today we finished tracking his last song for his upcoming EP. I'll be mixing it then its off to art and print! Stay tuned for his upcoming EP dropping spring 2017! 

Cheers, beers, and rock n roll!

-Nate Beck

We're back!  

We are back on U.S. soil! I love traveling, touring, seeing new places and meeting new people but its always great coming home. I actually came back to the States about a month ago, was home a week spending time with family and friends and then headed back out on tour down through the south.

It was great being back in Memphis and Nashville if only for 24 hours. Theres so much soul in those cities that its hard to stay away for too long. In certain cities there are places that you always have to make time to go and visit. In Memphis for me, thats Graceland, Sun, and the Withers Collection Museum & Gallery. This visit to Sun was special as I was invited back into the control room to see Sam's original gear and have a seat in his chair. To be invited back into the control room of the pioneer of the music I love and the man who recorded and shaped my heroes was quite a moving experience. I was unaware at the time the evening had only just begun. After Sun we headed over to Beale to go visit the Withers Collection where after viewing for a few minutes we started chatting with one of the people who worked there. Naturally music came up and after he found out we were touring musicians, he said that BB Kings granddaughter was just in the other room and if we'd like to meet her! *enter jaw dropping, mouth stammering "um uum um please please yes please would that be ok?". We met her and chatted about Ernest Withers and the impact his work had on the times and moving forward. Such a lovely lady to stop and chat with us and take a photo. The south had spoiled me again. 

Its back into the studio here in the Cities working on the next album that is cued up for release early next year and working on setting up some local shows and a few tours down to Texas! As always follow on Instagram (@nate_beck) for the latest and thank you for your love and support! Cheers, - Nate Beck


I was going through old hard drives and came across this photo. This was one of the most memorable times I've played. There wasn't a huge crowd. The stage was measured in inches not feet. This was taken in 2013 in between recording sessions for Soapbox Standards. I had yet to play any of the songs live so one could argue this was the first TMSC show. @marcdofficial who produced/engineered/played on the album, called me and suggested we get out of the studio, play some of the songs live and relax with a few pints. He joined me on a few of the tunes from the record stripped down acoustically at a pub near his studio in Burbank. Even though he played on the record, it was great having the opportunity to play music WITH him. Such a talented musician and stand up great dude with rock n roll stories for days. Also there that night was Jim Carroll who attended high school with my Grandpa and Elvis. Being friends with my Grandpa and knowing how much of a Sun Records fan I am, he brought pictures from his personal collection of hanging out with Elvis and told me stories about the heydays. Good times, great people. 


Thank you Minneapolis Happening! 

What's up punks, poets and vandals? It's been an insanely busy 3 months so far in Sydney coaching local bands and songwriters. I'll be here for another 10 weeks and then it's back to the States. Due to the busy schedule I haven't been able to set up as many shows as I would like however stay tuned for May if you're local, feel like raising a glass and singing some tunes! 

Exciting news! A huge thank you goes out to Minneapolis Happening and all of you fine Midwest folk for naming us Happening Band 2015 for the second year in a row! Unfortunately since I'm in Australia, I was unable to attend the awards night however that means we'll have to throw a party in July right?!

Starting a session here in a few so it's time to say so long and farewell. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @nate_beck for the latest photography and wanderings! 

Songs For All Of Us is released!  

Hello to everyone around the world, hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Eve! We're already a few bottles of wine in because its not only Christmas Eve, but we've also released the new EP Songs For All Of Us! Its available here under the music tab right now and will be officially released on iTunes on January 1st! Cheers to all who made this happen with us, Casey Smith at KnottBrite Studio and Craig Holets at Bassfuzz Mastering! Also shout out to Adam Azarel, Nathan Kinney, and Owen Bacskai who played drums, lead guitar and bass respectively on Lost in Lust! The season is calling, or rather the Stags Leap so cheers for now and we hope you dig the new tunes!

songs for all of us cover is released! 

I'm happy to say recording for the new EP "songs for all of us is going well! We have one done and mastered that's up on our Reverb Nation site if you haven't checked it out already, we just finished a new one last week and are scheduled to start on the third in the next few weeks! A shout out to Casey Smith and KnottBrite Studio for engineering and producing this record with me as well. It's always an adventure getting what I hear in my head down on grooves in wax (or digital media files but wheres the romance in that) and this ones coming together quite nicely. Check out the Instagram @themanchestersocialclub to join us on the journey and cheers to all of you! Have a tipsy time! Cheers -N.

Every 40 seconds... 

So a few weeks ago we donated to To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) for National Suicide Prevention Week with our friend Brit. We hadn't seen her for awhile (schedules are crazy) so we thought we'd get together to finally catch up and chat about what she's been up to with TWLOHA. 

Did you know that around the world, there is a suicide every 40 seconds? Thats insane! As Brit said, this devastating statistic clearly represents a very real lack of mental health education and resources, something To Write Love On Her Arms (which is a national non-profit actually) looks to change. 

Unaware of the broader spectrum of what they did, we learned they are focused on providing hope, funding treatment/recovery programs and looks to educate and advocate on behalf of those struggling with mental illness, including addiction, depression, self-injury, eating disorders, PTSD, and more. Something we can definitely get behind as these plague the music industry as well. 

Brit has been volunteering with the organization for almost 7 years and is passionate about the work they do because of her own mental health journey and the sheer number of others around all of us who live with (or know someone who lives with) these experiences. The fundraiser for National Suicide Prevention Week will be invested directly to treatment/recovery programs and again we strongly encourage you to donate. ‪#‎towriteloveonherarms‬ ‪#‎twloha‬ ‪#‎nationalsuicidepreventionweek‬‪#‎tomorrow15‬ ‪#‎WSPD15‬ ‪#‎support‬ ‪#‎standup‬

To Write Love On Her Arms 

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

A friend of ours Brit has been volunteering with TWLOHA for 7 years now and is asking for your help in a fundraiser in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day coming up on Sept. 10th. Of her goal of $2,000 she has raised $1764 so far! 

We are proud to donate towards this cause! 

For more info check it out: World Suicide Prevention Day

TMSC is headed down under!  

The rumors, the talk, the wonderings are true. Come December I am off to Australia! Thank you so much to everyone who ever came to a show, booked us, inspired us, partied with us, and jammed with us here in the midwest. Its been quite a crazy 16 months! From tripping down and playing Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, TX, to 7th St Entry, Triple Rock, Fine Line, last but not least our home in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Music Cafe, thank you! It means the world to me to have stood on your stages with my name on your marquee but alas its time for new horizons. At least for now. 

Extra special thanks to the homies Nathan Kinney, Owen Bacskai, Adam Azra'el , Benjamin Carl MunkittrickMason NorbergSam McColleyDanny KarasCarlos MonserrateAaron SilversteinMarc DanzeisenJohnny Hawthorn, Jimmy Douglas, Wendy E. Cooper, John Clark, Taylor McKeeNick GrubbeNick Benson, Kyle Truex, Karen, Kate Palm, Derek, and Bob at Minnesota Music Cafe, Nick Oz, Jon, Brandon and the crew at Tinderbox Music, Eric, Billy and the crew at CAPITOL GUITARS, Derek and the crew at Orange, and everyone else (Im sorry if I missed you!) who ever stood in my corner with me since I wrote Bar Tops sitting in my Santa Barbara apartment back in March 2013. 

This is not the end or hell not even the middle of the story, just a new chapter.

Thank you all and we'll see you soon!
Nate Beck

Im literally shit at blogging... 

Im literally the worst at keeping the website and Facebook updated! My apologies, I put myself in so many damn activities in the garage (not karate though) that I hardly have a second to post up! Im an analog guy in a digital world...except I'm 25 so I really have no excuse. Regardless, I hope all of you punks are doing well! Things here have been chugging (gin and tonics) along per usual. The new line up has been killing it, cheers to Adam Azra'el, Owen B, and Nathan Kinney for keeping me sane! Our first Thursdays at Minnesota Music Cafe have been insane with some killer bands playing. Some highlights have been Sparro, Sixth Sensimilla, and fucking Dead Bundy! Holy shit if you want to see a show, go check out Dead Bundy. And of course our homie Sam McColley from Homeward Bound has been popping in and jumping on stage randomly PBR in hand from time to time.

In terms of releasing "Lost In Lust" that I've been promising you since's in progress! The line up shake up delayed it a bit, we rewrote some small parts in it and honestly, if you heard the original one vs the new one, you'll thank bad luck that it got put on the back burner for a second. I know thats how I feel. 

We have more big news coming in the near future (this time I promise it'll be soon or I'll buy each and every one of you a Patron shot at our next show). Until next time, stay salty!

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The Manchester Social Club and Sick Twisted Puppies rock Whiskey Junction!

Whiskey Junction , 901 Cedar Ave S. , Minneapolis

The Manchester Social Club (Americana/Punk) and Sick Twisted Puppies (Stone Temple Pilots Tribute) are throwing one big Holiday party full of rock n roll and cheer! It's all going down Saturday, December 17th at Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis at 9pm.

No Cover means more drinks, lets get crazy!

The Manchester Social Club

Starks , 3125 Dodd Rd, Eagan

Nate and Nate will be hosting "End of summer, we hate winter, lets try to play Bon Jovi and party!" acoustic set Friday Sept 11th at Starks in Eagan from 4-8! $2 domestics!


The Last Hurrah

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave, St Paul

Its the Last Hurrah! TMSC is being put on a temporary hiatus while Beck heads down to Australia to attempt to not get killed by everything that kills you! As always, free, 8pm, strong drinks, 21+. Lets Go!


Left Shark Punk Present Punk Rock Night

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave , St Paul

Its Homeward Bounds Sam McColleys 25th birthday throw down!!! Kicking it off is Radio Drive at 8:30, The Manchester Social Club at 9:30, and Homeward Bound at 10:30. Batten down the hatches and ready your livers...

Free Age limit: 21+


Becks Birthday Bash with The Manchester Social Club

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave, St Paul

Its Becks 25th Birthday Bash with The Manchester Social Club, Homeward Bound, and a special guest we will reveal soon!!!! He's halfway to 50 which is halfway to 100 so he's like a quarter way dead! Only God knows what shenanigans will go down this night so don't miss it! 8pm/21+/no cover

Portrait on Fire 10:45 The Manchester Social Club- 9:30 Homeward Bound- 8:30 Bruise Violet- 8

Free Age limit: 21+


Pub Rock Night hosted by The Manchester Social Club

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave, St Paul MN

Merry Pub Rock Christmas? I think so! Wear your grandmas Christmas sweater and raise a pint with us! Also playing will be Irish punk band Devouring Maidens and the homies from Homeward Bound!

Free Age limit: 21+


Pub Rock Night

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN

TMSC has partnered with Minnesota Music Cafe to bring you Pub Rock Night the first Thursday of every month with no cover charge!! This kicks off November 6th with a few of our personal favorite local pub rock/punk bands. This has been one of my dreams to be able to put the artists who deserve it on stage, give it back to the fans by not charging a cover fee, and to partner with an establishment who truly cares about the artist and the music is amazing. Can't wait to raise a pint with you all November 6th.

FREE! Age limit: 21+

The Manchester Social Club

Minnesota Music Cafe, 499 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN

Come out and throw down pints with 2 of the best "across the pond" inspired punk bands in the cities, The Manchester Social Club (Representing England) and Devouring Maidens (Representing Ireland)!

FREE! Age limit: All ages


The Manchester Social Club

Mankato Brewery

We will be playing a mix of TMSC songs off the debut album Soapbox Standards as well as some indie punk favorites of ours!

Age limit: 21+